PCCFA Negotiations Update for April 18, 2014

Dear faculty,

Please note our latest negotiations update from April 18, 2014.

PCCFA Negotiations Update April 18, 2014

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Want to sign up as PCC Faculty Association Voting member?

Dear PCC Faculty,

Although every faculty member pays dues, not everyone is a voting member. Please follow the link provided below to sign up!


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PCCFA Survey on Effects of Block Scheduling and/or Room Assignments

Dear Fellow Faculty,

In response to the new block scheduling, the Faculty Association is looking for information relating to the effects the scheduling has on our faculty work day. If you could look over the proposed block scheduling chart linked below and check to see if you are impacted in any way we would be able to include this information in our communication with the administration.

Master Block Scheduling Template for Fall 2014

As you are all aware this is a change that has been adopted without any faculty input or without going through the Shared Governance Process. We are particularly looking to see if it effects any of  your hours or days on campus. I can use my schedule as an example. I teach four classes back to back twice a week. I normally do not  have any down time between classes. With the  new block scheduling I now will have 20 minutes in between each class.This will require me to spend an extra hour on campus every day. Considering that we currently cannot have office hours for less than 30 minutes  it is an hour of wasted time. Please look over your schedules and respond to this mail with the effects that it may have on you.

As well we are also gathering information regarding the new classroom assignment procedures. Many of you may that are teaching summer may have noticed that your room assignments seems a little random and confusing. Again I can use  myself as an example. For the past 7 years I have had all of classes in one class room. It was always convenient and time saving to teach my classes in the same room. For the summer I am assigned to teach each day in three different rooms in three different buildings. If you have any examples of this we would like this information as well.

Please fill out the survey linked below with your information and experience by Friday April 11th, 2014.

PCCFA Survey on Effects of Block Scheduling and/or Room Assignments


We appreciate your time and consideration,

Mark Whitworth

Director  PCCFA

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PCCFA Legal Opinion Letter on Department Chairs (March 26, 2014)

Dear PCC Faculty,

Many faculty have asked for guidance from the Faculty Association concerning discussions that have taken place within Divisions regarding the possible roles of department chairs. So linked below is a legal opinion from the FA counsel, Larry Rosenzweig. The opinion identifies the Faculty Association as the only group with jurisdiction to negotiate working conditions relating to faculty chairs. The district negotiators have agreed that this is a mandatory subject for collective bargaining. Furthermore, a working group representing the District and the FA has been agreed to and will begin its work shortly. Until this task is finished we ask faculty to refrain from discussing the topic of department chairs with district management.

PCCFA Legal Opinion Letter on Department Chairs (3-26-14)

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PCCFA Negotiations Update for April 3, 2014

Dear PCC Faculty,

Below is the contract proposal that the PCC Faculty Association presented to the District at today’s negotiations meeting. For a comparison, please note the District’s offer from November 6, 2013. Please be on the lookout for a more in-depth updates in the coming week.

We thank you for your support and confidence.

PCCFA Proposal to PACCD (April 3, 2014)

PACCD Offer (November 6, 2013)


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PCCFA Negotiations Update (March 2014)

Dear PCC Faculty,

This is our latest newsletter on contract negotiations with the Pasadena Area Community College District. This update includes:

1) The latest information on contract negotiations

2) Part time faculty job security

3) Statewide salary rankings for PCC faculty

4) Results from the PCCFA Contract Survey

Please be on notice for further updates and important information in the coming week.


Please download newsletter here: PCCFA Negotiations Update (March 2014)

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PCCFA Part Time Faculty News Brief (March 2014)

Dear PCC Part Time Faculty,

This is the first issue of a regular newsletter on adjunct faculty news, concerns,and issues at Pasadena City College. Faculty contributions are welcomed.

Click this link to Download: PCCFA Part Time News Brief (March 2014)

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PCC Salary Comparisons Relative to Median Home Prices and Administrator Salaries

The following document was presented at the PCCFA General Meeting for March 20, 2014.

The document presents faculty salary rankings across all California community colleges, as well median home prices for areas in Southern California. Finally, administrator salaries are included for comparison.

PCCFA Salary Comparisons (March 19, 2014)(A)

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PCC Faculty Association Prevails at PERB over the Cancellation of Winter Intersession!

Dear PCC Faculty, staff, students, and community members,

It is our sincere pleasure to report that the Public Employee Relations Board (PERB) of the State of California has found in favor of the PCC Faculty Association’s Unfair Practice Charge over the cancellation of Winter Intersession and the change to the three-term academic calendar.

In short, PERB found that the District violated the Educational Employment Relations Act (EERA) for the following reasons:

1) implementing the calendar change altered its own established past practice;
2) said change was implemented without fulfilling its duty to negotiate;
3) the implemented change was not merely a breach of contract, but amounted to change in policy;
4) said change in policy affected the union’s scope of representation.

PERB hereby ORDERS the District to:

1) CEASE and DESIST from:

a) unilaterally changing the calendar without notice or opportunity to bargain;
b) denying the PCCFA the right to represent bargaining units in their employment with the District;
c) interfering with the right of a bargaining unit employees to be represented by their employee organization.

2) RESCIND the implementation of a trimester calendar… and RESTORE a semester calendar.

3) COMPENSATE affected employees for any losses suffered… including interest at the rate of 7 percent per annum.

4) and POST in all work locations in the District a notice that the PCC administration violated the law and remedies ordered by PERB.

Please take the time to read the decision for yourselves in the link provided below:

PERB Proposed Decision on Unfair Practice Change (November 27, 2013)

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Petition to Reinstate PCC Professor Mark McQueen

Dear faculty,

Over forty of your colleagues who attended the FA General Meeting on November 14th have signed the petition to reinstate Professor Mark McQueen. For those who were unable to attend, we have created a Change.org petition that is being forwarded via email to all faculty and staff at PCC and is linked below. Please take the time to read it and sign it. This is the moment for all of us to stand united and support our colleague, Mark McQueen, but also to stand up for the rights of ALL faculty and staff at Pasadena City College.

Thank you.




November 12, 2013

On October 31st, Professor Mark McQueen was physically confronted by an irate student. While discussing a pertinent issue in Professor McQueen’s English 1B class, a student stood up with fists clenched and approached Professor McQueen stating “you are a m—– f—–” and “I can kick your a–.” Professor McQueen raised his hand and placed it on the students shoulder in a defensive manner. This action in and of itself diffused the situation. The class continued and subsequently concluded without further incident. Students that witnessed these events stated that the student, at the conclusion of the class, apologized for his actions.

It could be assumed that in any other context, be it a different educational institution, a workplace, or a public setting, Professor McQueen would be commended for his calm and reasonable response to a potentially violent situation. But not at PCC. Professor McQueen was placed on administrative leave pending an “investigation” by the college. This decision was made prior to any discussion of the events with Professor McQueen. This would not have happened in any other context and should not have happened at PCC. All individuals are entitled to due process, fair treatment, and a presumption of reasonable conduct until proven otherwise. These fundamental rights do not become suspended when you walk into your PCC classroom.

We the undersigned faculty in departments campus-wide call for the immediate reinstatement of our colleague Mark Mansfield McQueen, who did nothing wrong and simply defended himself against a potentially violent student. We also demand that the student be referred to Student Services for a consultation to determine his ability to control his temper in a classroom setting. Further, the responsible administrators should publicly apologize for their heavy handed actions toward Professor McQueen.

Professor McQueen has an outstanding reputation as a caring and inspirational teacher. Comments on both school-given and outside evaluations speak to the impact he has had on his students in not only serving as their mentor but also awakening their interest in the Humanities. PCC has a moral obligation to protect Professor McQueen, to respect his rights as a faculty member, and to ensure that the classroom is free of violence and safe for all.

VIDEO: http://www.nbclosangeles.com/news/local/Pasadena-Community-College-Professor-Accused-of-Slapping-Student-231838161.html

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