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Month: February 2013

Happening now – Feb. 2013

What’s happening: Associated Students are considering taking action on the PCC administration for Summer 2013 classes not counting towards Fall 2013, as had been promised to them. Stay informed. Unfair Labor Practice over winter cancellation filed with PERB. Contract negotiations are in mediation. The District is uncooperative in supplying a complete list of…

Unfair Labor Practice and Grievances

Unfair Labor Practice filed  (Dec. 18, 2012) 2012-2013 calendar change / winter cancellation  Current Grievances (as of Spring 2013) two senior faculty members who were not given scheduling priority rights pay discrepancy two unlawful firings class size grievance part-time scheduling issue

Promises, Promises: Questions Continue to Loom over Summer 2013 Transfer

The facts speak for themselves. August 29, 2012 – Vice President Bob Bell assures the Board of Trustees and public that Summer session classes would transfer for UCs and CSUs. The Board summarily cancels Winter Intersession that night. September – October 2012 – The Administration takes out at least 4…

Good work to faculty for standing up for shared governance!

Decompressing the Carnegie hour is off the table thanks to the”lack of support and consensus ” that the faculty and staff showed at last semester’s town hall meetings. Listen here and here.  What’s next? The Administration is at it again, this time with the 2013-2014 Calendar. Seems that a “roll-over calendar” is…

Some [presidents] just don’t change!

Check out the memo dated Dec. 2, 2008 that Rocha gave to his then Enrollment Management Committee at West LA College…sound familiar? Large Class Sizes Eliminate Low-Enrolled Classes Time of day starts Revision of Summer Session Calendar: move to two back-to-back summer sessions  

Faculty Working Conditions Are Student Learning Conditions.