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Be proactive

Want to be proactive but don’t know where to start?

  1. Become a voting member of the Faculty Association.
  2. Get informed. Couldn’t attend a Board meeting? Listen to an audiocast of the meetings. Couldn’t attend an Faculty Association meeting? Click here.
  3. Talk to local voters or neighbors in PCC’s Board of Trustee districts. Many thanks to one FA member for her Community Presentation that was used.
  4. Let the PCC Board of Trustees know your concerns or thoughts on an issue.

5.  Invite a board member to sit in your classroom. What better way to integrate them in the campus community?

6. Keep your students informed. Encourage them to join the Associated Students and/or participate in a Faculty Association internship,  attend Board meetings and vote in student elections.

7. Talk to your campus colleagues about the issues. Keep the conversation going in open, healthy dialogue. Likewise, talk to neighbors and friends who live in the district.

8. Contact the local press and let them know what stories are important to you.

9. Post some more suggestions below for your fellow faculty.

Start here, but don’t end here!

  • Vote in state and local elections.
  • Encourage your students to vote. Contact us if you would like voter registration forms put in your mailbox.
  • Write to your legislators about  education and labor issues. A good place to start: FACCC.  Take action on bills using their ready-made messages or compose your own.

Below you are welcome to post comments.

  • Posts can remain anonymous. Adding a name or email address is optional.
  • Keep the comments constructive and concise.
  • If you are not a faculty member at PCC, please clarify who you are (student, board member, etc.)


  1. Is there any plan to respond to the full-page ad in the StarNews?

  2. Cowering Faculty Member

    I hope that the FA (whether or not as part of the FA web site) will compile and make readily available online key documents related to the no confidence votes. These would include the bill of charges that came with the no confidence ballot, the resolutions by the AS, and the prepared statements presented to the board by faculty members.

    I think it is crucial to make this stuff publicly available in an easy-to-find location right away: members of the public and the press are going to try to understand what is happening at PCC, and the administration will surely try to spin the no confidence votes as either a one-issue problem (i.e., the calendar change) or as a faculty contract negotiating ploy. The long pattern of destructive abuses of power and gross mismanagement needs to be communicated to the public at large.

    Thanks for all you are doing on our behalf.

    • Cowering Faculty Member

      Thank you for sending out that letter clarifying the FA’s relationship to the no confidence votes.

      On another topic, is there someplace online that we can see the district’s “best and final” contract offer that was made public at the recent academic senate meeting?

      • pccfa

        Here are the sticking points with a summary of the “last, best and final” offer; it’s located on the Meetings page, March 21st meeting.

        The administration sent the document via the Pulse. Now with the May Revise budget, things are looking up:


        An increase of $30 million over the January proposal Proposition 98 General Fund in 2013-14, including monies for COLA, growth, and funding of the Student Success Act:
        * $87.5 million for a cost of living adjustment representing 1.57% of base apportionments
        * $89.4 million available for general enrollment growth representing 1.5% of base apportionments

    • pccfa

      Because the faculty vote of no confidence was not organized by the Faculty Association, we do not have the documents for posting. Hard copies went to all full-time faculty in late February. More recently one of the Academic Senators sent out the supporting documentation this week to all faculty, both full-time and part-time in an email.
      The Associated Students censure and vote of no confidence resolutions can be seen on their site here. The Board of Trustees was also given hard copies last week at the board meeting. Anyone requesting a copy can email

    • pccfa

      Indeed, you have been correct. The faculty’s vote of no confidence was spun by the administration as the union’s doing, when in fact it was a grassroots effort through and through. The Board continued along these lines even when the Academic Senate voted unanimously on their own resolution, which is available on the Senate’s homepage in the minutes of April 15 ( The Board insisted that the calendar imposition was NOT a shared governance issue as was apparent in the statement they made on April 15.

  3. Cowering Faculty Member

    I’m really happy to see the enhanced Faculty Association website: kudos to whomever is responsible, this can become a significant force for faculty education, unity and communication. I suggest you implement a discussion forum as part of the site. Seems like a no-brainer, except for the question of access and anonymous postings–clearly, the college administration is not above retaliating against people who offer criticism or resistance to their agenda, so you’d have a much more frank and active discussion if people could post anonymously. Of course, that also opens the door for abuse and mischief. However you resolve that issue, a web-accessible forum for conversation among the faculty seems like a necessity at the moment. Thanks again for the work you are doing.

    • pccfa

      thank you for your suggestion. we’ll give it a go and hopefully the “abuse and mischief” are kept at a minimum…let the faculty discussions begin!

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