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Category: PCCFA News

PCCFA/PACCD Memorandum of Understanding on Assessment Responsibilities for Faculty

1. All faculty members are expected to use the results of the assessment of learning outcomes to inform and improve teaching and learning in accordance to accreditation standards. A. Full-time faculty members are expected to participate in the development and assessment of student learning outcomes and to report the results…

Happening now – Feb. 2013

What’s happening: Associated Students are considering taking action on the PCC administration for Summer 2013 classes not counting towards Fall 2013, as had been promised to them. Stay informed. Unfair Labor Practice over winter cancellation filed with PERB. Contract negotiations are in mediation. The District is uncooperative in supplying a complete list of…

Unfair Labor Practice and Grievances

Unfair Labor Practice filed  (Dec. 18, 2012) 2012-2013 calendar change / winter cancellation  Current Grievances (as of Spring 2013) two senior faculty members who were not given scheduling priority rights pay discrepancy two unlawful firings class size grievance part-time scheduling issue

Faculty Working Conditions Are Student Learning Conditions.