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What’s happening NOW – June 10 – June 15, 2013

Mark your calendar: Thursday, June 13 at 10-11:30AM – College Council Meeting (in the Circadian)  Please note: this is a Brown Act meeting, which means there is public comment at the beginning of the meeting and public comment on each agenda item. … Continue reading

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What’s happening NOW – June 2013

Fact Finding Hearing from last week (May 30, 2013) Thank you to all for coming to the Fact Finding hearing. It was a packed house at what could have been ruled an open meeting if the District had agreed.  Before … Continue reading

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Happening now – Feb. 2013

What’s happening: Associated Students are considering taking action on the PCC administration for Summer 2013 classes not counting towards Fall 2013, as had been promised to them. Stay informed. Unfair Labor Practice over winter cancellation filed with PERB. Contract negotiations are … Continue reading

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Unfair Labor Practice and Grievances

Unfair Labor Practice filed  (Dec. 18, 2012) 2012-2013 calendar change / winter cancellation  Current Grievances (as of Spring 2013) two senior faculty members who were not given scheduling priority rights pay discrepancy two unlawful firings class size grievance part-time scheduling issue

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Express yourself Jan. 10 at the Faculty-Student Rally about Imposition of Calendar 2013 and Lack of Shared Governance

Ring in the new year and a new era of faculty solidarity.  Stay tuned for forthcoming information about the picket and rally to take place on Jan. 10.  

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The woeful status of PCC’s faculty salaries

Check out page 3 of this 2011-2012 comparative salary study, which shows that PCC ranks  frightfully lower than Santa Monica, Riverside, El Camino and Mount San Antonio College. For example, at Step 12, PCC ranks 44th in the state(so 43 … Continue reading

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