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  1. What is the mission of the Faculty Association?
  2. What is the difference between a member and a non-voting member?
  3. How much are the dues, and where do they go? Are they tax- deductible?
  4. I’m tired of preaching to the choir. What can I do to be proactive?
  5. Does the Board of Trustees really listen?  — The more that faculty and students sincerely engage the board, the more they will listen. The FA is the body and as an associated faculty, we need everyone to get involved to make a difference.
  6. When is the next Board of Trustee election? What district are they running in? ? (2013)
  7. When does the current president’s contract expire?
  8. I want to help my students get informed and involved. What can I do?
  9. Where do I fall on the pay scale? What are my benefits? 
  10. What does it mean to be working out of contract?
  11. Where is the FA office?
  12. What do the FA officers do?
  13. How do I become an FA representative in my department? What would be my duties?
  14. I am an adjunct faculty. Can I file for unemployment when I’m not working – winter holidays, intersessions, or when my hours fall below what I normally teach?

If you have more questions, please Contact Us.

Faculty Working Conditions Are Student Learning Conditions.