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Pasadena, CA 91106

(626) 585-7261

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Where can I find…?

Latest News – latest posts on negotiations, job actions, etc. Subscribe and be the first to know!

Who are we – FA Board members & duties, contact us

MembershipNew member form, member info update form

Grievance  – procedures and contact info.

Negotiations – latest updates, FA’s negotiations principles, related documents

Transparency – misinformation from PCC admin, highlights from PCC’s public record, executive salary table

Shared governance – President Rocha’s vs. Academic Senates definitions, articles from around the state

Calendar 2012-2013 – documents and articles related to the imposed “tentative” calendar

PCC Realignment – College Council approved plan vs. admin-imposed plan

Meetings & DocumentsFA Docs (contract, bylaws, etc.),  General FA meeting docs (agendas, handouts, audio/video),  Budget docs

Campus Calendar – Shared governance starts with you! Get thee to a campus meeting!

Part-Time – Adjunct faculty handbook, unemployment, etc.

Interesting Reads – FA Newsletters, FA-recommended articles, Faculty-recommended articles, Past letters/speeches to the Board of Trustees

Be Proactive – suggestions and helpful links

Audio & Video – recordings of campus meetings



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Faculty Working Conditions Are Student Learning Conditions.