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Did you know? 

  • There are 17,248 full-time faculty in California compared to 38,135 part-time faculty. See more.
  • PCC falls at number 60 out of 68 California community colleges in a statewide average, with 49% parity (.425 pro rata) for adjunct faculty at initial placement on the salary scale, and at number 46 with 46% parity (.407 pro rata) in the 9th step of salary scales. Source:  Adjunct Pro Rata and Parity – statewide comparison (2012) 
  • As of Spring 2013, there were 817 part time faculty teaching at PCC, compared to 370 full-time faculty. Adjunct faculty have no health care benefit, no seniority or job security and are essentially fired after each semester, with no guarantee to return to work the following semester. More on adjunct issues can be seen on the FACCC website. 
  • PCC is not in compliance with AB 1725, which states only 25% of the faculty on campus should be part-time.

AB 1725 [(Vasconcellos) of 1987)] added Education Code Section 87482.6, which states, in part:

“. . . the Legislature wishes to recognize and make efforts to address longstanding policy of the board of governors that at least 75 percent of the hours of credit instruction in the California Community Colleges, as a system, should be taught by full-time instructors.”

AB 1725 also added the following intent language (expressing legislative policy, with no force in law):

If the community colleges are to respond creatively to the challenges of the coming decades, they must have a strong and stable core of full-time faculty with long-term commitments to their colleges. There is proper concern about the effect of an over reliance upon part-time faculty, particularly in the core transfer curricula.

Decisions regarding the appropriateness of part-time faculty should be made on the basis of academic and program needs, however, and not for financial savings. The Legislature’s concern about abuses in this regard led to the establishment of the current statutory cap on part-time employment.

Read the entire bill here.


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