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PCC Restructure docs

PCC Realignment Plan Shared governance vs. Administration's plan
College Structure approved by College Council 5/23/12
College Structure that “adapts” interim plan approved by the College Council – taken to Board for approval


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  1. Anonymous

    In my view, this whole process of re-alignment is a sham. The re-alignment proposal arrived at by shared governance procedures was simply discarded by administration
    in favor of their already predecided structure. This puts undue administratie work both on the new “deans” and upon teaching faculty who have no expertise (or, in many cases desire) to be admisistrators of their “departments”. As far as I can see, this is simply a ploy to “save” money at the expense of student education — Dept. Chairs will be given “release time’ to be administrators — instead of investing time in improving their instructional skills. As usual with this administration/board of trustees, the “bottom line” is of primary concern, behind the smoke-screen of improving student sucess. Where is the evidence for this claim???

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